Competency Certificate

(Straight Bartender)


Placement Assitance


for merit holders


While You Learn

This is our flagship course, and by far the most popular one we offer at Spiritmasters Academy. The training is intensive and lasts for 30 days. Upon completion of the course, you will be added to our recruitment list, which we use to provide staff to top bars and hotels. You will learn everything possibly asked of a bartender in the modern world, and we are confident to send you to any bar on the planet. During the course, our students participate in both theoretical and practical classes, the practical component of which includes the use of real ingredients and guaranteed hands-on experience behind real bars. At the end of our course, our graduates receive our Bar Competency Certificate and are provided with thorough documentation to refer to long after the course is completed. Some of the lessons covered are:


  • Customer service in the hospitality industry

  • Sales techniques (e.g. up-selling)

  • The diferent types of alcohol (knowing the difference between the diferent types of spirits, wines, beers etc.)

  • Making essential cocktails to an international standard

  • Working a bar on one's own

  • Operating within a team of bartenders