Proficeincy Certificate

(Spirit Bartender)


Placement Assitance


for merit holders


While You Learn

The Bar Proficiency Certificate Course aims to prepare you for employment at a level where a very specific set of standards is expected. All of the fundamentals are covered in this 2 month course. The value of having taken such a course will become incalculable in the years to come, as those with Spiritmaster certifications tend to find themselves perfectly at home in any kind or size of bar setup.


  • Drink standards around the world

  • Setting up, taking down and maintaining a bar

  • Proper care of bar equipment

  • Understanding the processes and techniques of stock-taking

  • What, when and how to clean the various elements of a bar

  • Consideration for your fellow employees and holding them to a standard

  • Guest and staff etiquette

  • Treating everyone you interact with in a thoroughly professional manner

  • Dealing with management/HR/fellow bar staff

  • Handling customer complaints professionally

  • Eliminating any possible mistakes when serving a drink to a customer

  • Product knowledge

  • Getting to know the items on your menu, and why certain drinks are traditionally popular with whom. This is the foundation to the art of up-selling.