Spiritmasters Advanced



Placement Assitance


for merit holders


While You Learn

This course is aimed at the professional bartender who already has some knowledge of the bar environment. Applicants should have at least 1 yearís experience working behind a bar or have attained our Spiritmasters Bar Proficiency certificate. (Please note: Exceptions to the above rules can be made, should the reasons be justified.) Here, you begin to unpack the intricacies of professional bartending, and the skills and techniques that make a truly professional bartender stand out from those just dipping their feet into the profession. These are the skills that leave a positive lasting impression on guests of the most exclusive drinking establishments in the world. Some of the lessons covered are:


  • Advanced flaring techniques (stylised pouring, showmanship)

  • Product identification (visual and tasting discernment of drinks)

  • Advanced ice effects (various types of ice cutting, carving and molding and their respective Effects on taste, pouring and layering)

  • Advanced cocktail making techniques - This also includes molecular mixology and covers the physical production of specialty ingredients and garnishes. You will have an understanding of the underlying complexities of award-winning drinks that mystify 99% of bar staff and that will empower you to begin your own experimentation and creation process of your own signature