Mixologist Advanced

(Mixologist Pro)


Placement Assitance


for merit holders


While You Learn

In addition to the topics covered in the Mixologist Foundation Course, the Advanced course will cover:


  • 24 Advanced Cocktails

  • Designing your own signature series

  • Product identification (visual and tasting discernment of drinks)

  • Advanced ice effects (various types of ice cutting, carving and molding and their respective effects on taste, pouring and layering)

  • Advanced cocktail making techniques - This also includes molecular mixology

Module 1

This is our flagship course, and by far the most popular one we offer at Spiritmasters Academy. The training is intensive and lasts for 30 days. Upon completion of the course, you will be added to our recruitment list, which we use to provide staff to top bars and hotels. You will learn everything possibly asked of a bartender in the modern world, and we are confident to send you to any bar on the planet. During the course, our students participate in both theoretical and practical classes, the practical component of which includes the use of real ingredients and guaranteed hands-on experience behind real bars. At the end of our course, our graduates receive our Bar Competency Certificate and are provided with thorough documentation to refer to long after the course is completed. Some of the lessons covered are:


  • Customer service in the hospitality industry

  • Sales techniques (e.g. up-selling)

  • The diferent types of alcohol (knowing the difference between the diferent types of spirits, wines, beers etc.)

  • Making essential cocktails to an international standard

  • Working a bar on one's own

  • Operating within a team of bartenders

Module 2

The Bar Proficiency Certificate Course aims to prepare you for employment at a level where a very specific set of standards is expected. All of the fundamentals are covered in this 2 month course. The value of having taken such a course will become incalculable in the years to come, as those with Spiritmaster certifications tend to find themselves perfectly at home in any kind or size of bar setup.


  • Drink standards around the world

  • Setting up, taking down and maintaining a bar

  • Proper care of bar equipment

  • Understanding the processes and techniques of stock-taking

  • What, when and how to clean the various elements of a bar

  • Consideration for your fellow employees and holding them to a standard

  • Guest and staff etiquette

  • Treating everyone you interact with in a thoroughly professional manner

  • Dealing with management/HR/fellow bar staff

  • Handling customer complaints professionally

  • Eliminating any possible mistakes when serving a drink to a customer

  • Product knowledge

  • Getting to know the items on your menu, and why certain drinks are traditionally popular with whom. This is the foundation to the art of up-selling.

Module 3

Step into a world of secrets. This is the certificate that sets the truly ambitious and informed modern bartender apart from the everyday guy behind a counter. This is the science of making the most luxurious of drinks. This is a course for the truly passionate seeker of cocktail knowledge. You will learn the intricate relationships in play when combining flavours and textures and gain a unique understanding of the sensory aspect of drink tasting. Tasting beyond the “taste”, as we like to call it! Some of the lessons covered are:


  • Making gastronomical foams, jellies and mixers used in award winning recipes

  • Steeping, fermenting and brewing for cocktails

  • Making ingredients from scratch

  • Classic cocktails with modern twists