The powder room

The 1920s-themed speakeasy The Powder Room in Singapore isn’t one for subtlety when it comes to naming its cocktails. Case in point, the Playing With Fire, which is exactly what it sounds like: A flaming coupe of Cognac flavored with spiced dates and warming spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

Lucka The Nana

The combo works in Lucka the Nana, a frothy drink from Union Fare in New York City. OK, technically the chickpeas in question are in the form of aquafaba, the viscous liquid that results from cooking legumes in water, which is an excellent vegan-friendly alternative to egg whites. In Lucka the Nana, it’s mixed with lemon juice, fragrant banana liqueur and whiskey. The whole shebang is finished off with a mist of overproof rum and Angostura bitters, magnificently set a flame in front of guests.


Speaking of tiki drinks, Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago is a master of that fruit-forward category. Among the flashiest of the house specialties is the Zombie, a boozy number zinged up by two types of rum—Jamaican and overproof—plus tart lime, grapefruit, pomegranate juices and a pinch of cinnamon. And, yeah, it’s served in a crystal skull and set on fire, just in case you weren’t already feeling the drama. Don’t plan on drinking this all by your lonesome; one of these babies will do the trick for three to four people.

Tiki Dreams

In Denver, Colorado, modern steakhouse Guard and Grace gets its tiki game on with Tiki This, a summer-forward sipper amped up with cachaça, Pimms No. 1, spiced falernum and passion fruit-infused simple syrup. The best part, though? The flaming half lime perched atop the rad tiki glass.


Juggling is a physical skill, performed by a juggler, involving the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment, art or sport.


flaring act

speed pouring

To slow down the rate of pour use your finger to block the air hole on top of the pourer. Hold the bottle upside down over the glass and count to three to pour 1 1/2 ounces of liquid


The conventional idea of flairing is a bartender jumping behind a bar and juggling three or four bottles. But, what many people fail to realise is that standard of flairing – spinning, throwing bottles around – is competition-level flairing, not what you would perform behind a bar on a daily basis