Science of Beer

Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C


Kingfisher is an Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group, Bangalore. The brand was launched in 1978. With a market share of over 36% in India, it is also available in 52 other countries. The Heineken Group holds 42.4%


Carlsberg A/S is a global brewer. Founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen, the company's headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since Jacobsen's death in 1887, the majority owner of the company has been the Carlsberg Foundation.


Budweiser is an American-style pale lager produced by Anheuser-Busch, currently part of the transnational corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev and produced in various breweries around the world. Alcohol by volume: 5%


This clever party beer with the handy pull tab is driving our youth with its mighty potency and quite the distinct bitterness. Conveniently available everywhere, this Danish brand has probably unlocked the distribution secret in India like no other. For it to be competent to survive in the market for this long without actually having any taste is an achievement in itself.
Price: ? 95.00 For Tuborg Green Beer-CANS-500ML. ? 120.00 For Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 650ML. Alcohol Percentage: 4.8%


Heineken, an iconic Dutch pale lager is almost a perfect combination of flavor, price and is extremely popular across the country and cherished for its relatively strong punch and a full-bodied taste. Acknowledged for its signature green bottle and the red star, this pale lager is available unanimously across thekas and pubs leading it to one of the most popular and best beer brands in India.
Price: 190.00 For Heineken Lager Beer 650ML. Alcohol Percentage: 5%

Bira 91

Bira 91 is the Indian craft beer brand manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd. It was launched in 2015. The company first brewery unit was located in Flanders region of Belgium where a craft distillery was used to contract manufacture the beer with ingredients from France, Belgium, Himalayas and Bavarian Farms and the beer was imported to India.


Pretty polarising drink, Corona is an easy breezy Mexican number and it has a really mild maltiness. Corona is amazing in taste but in terms of pricing, it isn't always affordable by everybody. It's miles an expensive beer and isn't typically present at every place. So to taste this beer you probably need to wind up at high ended clubs. Well, it is still worth attempting at least once in a lifetime.
Price: ? 280.00 For Corona Extra Beer 355ML. Alcohol Percentage: 4.5%

Stella Artois

Quite the sophisticated brew, this Belgian Pilsner is pretty expensive and notoriously absent from most beer stores and bars across the country. Noted to be one of the best beer brands in India, Stella Artois has a well-balanced taste: Pleasantly bitter and a very refreshing finish which is served typically in its special chalice-shaped glasses. This versatile beer is the perfect food accessory, going with everything from flavorful BBQs to delicate fish.
Price: ? 280.00 For Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer 330ML Alcohol Percentage: Alcohol content ranging between 4.8% and 5.2%.

Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher ultra is the newest addition to Kingfishers house but this Lager which is present from ages remains preferred by the majority. It has the same old flavor and is relatively cheap than the other ones. The ultra is a smoother, classier edition of the original hit machine and makes for a perfect play with desi Chinese or Kathi Rolls.
Price: ? 140.00 For Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer 650ML Alcohol Percentage: 4.2%


Kingfisher ultra is the newest addition to Kingfishers house but this Lager which is present from ages remains preferred by the majority. It has the same old flavor and is relatively cheap than the other ones. The ultra is a smoother, classier edition of the original hit machine and makes for a perfect play with desi Chinese or Kathi Rolls.
Price: ? 140.00 For Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer 650ML Alcohol Percentage: 4.2%

Asahi Super Dry

Crisp, smooth, and with just a trace of bitterness, this mild golden lager has a subtle citrus aroma and is flavourful, and balanced. Perfectly fits in the class of the best beer brands in India, Asahi Super Dry is a Japanese import beer with a refreshing flavor and is likely the best accompaniment to a steaming bowl of ramen and even grilled yakitori.
Price: ? 285.00 For Asahi Super Dry Beer 330ML


Another all-American star on our listing, this classic lager is best recognized for its clear bottle and a crisp smooth flavor. Excellent shade, average price, but one will find it tough to hold drinking this beer throughout the night by the campfire without having the temptation of switching to a different one if available. Sip this during a Netflix-Marathon and pair it with buttery popcorn and cheesy nachos.
Price: ? 115.00 For Miller High Life Tin 500ML. Alcohol Percentage: 4.6%

Guinness Beer

The sole stout on our list, Guinness has a wonderful flavor, hitting those espresso and cocoa notes and serving up sweet, malty love. Swig this beauty with a rich stew, a fine burger, or better relish with some dark chocolate.
Price: 200.00 For Guinness Beer 650ML. Alcohol Percentage: 5.6%


This amber-colored Pilsner beer grants a nutty candy taste and a slightly malty flavor. Tsingtao is a pale lager ale brewed in a Tsingtao Brewery, an Anglo-German brewery in Qingdao on the Eastern Coast of China. Extremely refreshing, this Chinese-origin beer pairs nicely with spicy Asian food, and possibly even with your favorite takeout bowl meals.
Price: ? 180.00 For Tsingtao Beer 650ML. Alcohol Percentage: 4.7%


Miller High Life was introduced in 1903 by MillerCoors. Also known as the Champagne of Beers, it is a quintessentially classic, American-style lager. A unique mixture of chosen Saaz and Pacific Northwest hops and high amount of caramel malt can be identified in the making process. Also. It has more taste and aroma than other light beers. This beer is ideal for those who drink beer like water as this is one of the cheapest beers available in India. Category: American-style lager Taste: Saaz and Pacific Northwest hops and high amount of caramel malt Variants: Miller High Life

Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is a high selling beer brand in India with over 10 million units sold annually. The company started its sale in 1983. The beer is brewed with high-quality malt and is widely known for its smooth but favourably strong taste. With an alcohol percentage of over 7%, the beer quenches incredibly high thirsts of Indian customers. Category: ale beer Taste: its smooth but favourably strong taste


King’s is much more than just a light beer, it’s an open invitation to the Goa state of mind. Whether you frequent the coastal paradise for work or pleasure, there’s no escaping the charms of Assolda-based Impala Distillery & Brewery Ltd’s King’s Black Label Premium Pilsner, the distinctively stubby, dimpled, 325ml brown bottle. And no matter what you think of its simple contents (water, malt, maize flakes and East European hops), your first sip makes you the sunshine state’s loyal lover. Category: lager


Godfather is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. in Jammu, Godfather is yet another brand well received in the northern part of the country. It has a smooth, full-bodied flavour with a stable head and good mouth fullness. Their beers ensure extra freshness and no compromise on taste. With finest malted barley & best quality German hops processed for over 25 days, Godfathers is the ideal drink for a hot day. At 7.5% alcohol, Godfather Strong packs a punch for a real beer lover! Category: lager Taste: smooth, full-bodied flavour with a stable head and good mouth fullness Variants: Godfathers Light (5% alcohol), Godfathers Strong (7% alcohol), Godfathers Lager (5% alcohol)


Brewed with finest ingredients, including their exclusive Nostrano dell Isola maize, Peroni is an Italian company that delivers a crisp and refreshing beer with a delicate balance of bitterness, citrus, and spicy aromatic notes. The high-quality hops and two-row spring-planted barley is the secret to their unique crisp and refreshing taste. If you are looking for a superior quality drink then Peroni is just for you. Category: lager Taste: crisp and refreshing beer with a delicate balance of bitterness, citrus, spicy aromatic notes


At Daredevil, we believe that craft beer and food are one of the highest expressions of culture and community. From the very beginning of our brewery we designed our ales and lagers to pair with food and insisted on making our beers only from the highest quality traditional ingredients. The benefit of our approach is that we are able to offer a wide range of ale and lager style beers that are both great on their own and provide clean and bright flavors to complement your meal and occasion. Category: ales and lagers Taste: a warm gold colour with a crystalline aspect, and Its base notes reflect the fruity flavours Variants: American Inspired Ales & Lagers Lift Off IPA* • ABV 7.2% IBU 72 • Imperial Pint Go For Launch IPA • Tulip Nitro Lift Off IPA • ABV 7.2% • Imperial Pint NEX IPA: Experiment #8* • ABV 7% IBU 70 • Tulip Oatmeal J.W.P. American Stout* • ABV 8.2 • Tulip Rip Cord Double IPA* • ABV 9.0% IBU 90 • Tulip Slip Stream APA • ABV 5.5% IBU 55 • Imperial Pint German Style Inspired Ales & Lagers Vacation Kölsch • ABV 5.0% • Stange Bock • ABV 7.2% • Lager Pint Helles Bock* • ABV 5.4% • Lager Pint Maibock • ABV 7.2% • Lager Pint Marzen • ABV 5.4% • Lager Pint Negra Mexican style D

Apple Cider, Doolally Taproom

Doolally struck gold when they introduced Apple Cider to customers. The cider went on to become most popular amongst all type of drinkers because of the balance of its sweet and robust flavour. You will get a whiff of fresh apples the moment this drink is poured into the glass. The cider is perfect for those who seek a taste on the sweeter side. Taste: sweet and robust flavour, whiff of fresh apples

Biggie, Brewklyn

Brewklyn Microbrewery is one of the finest Craft Beer breweries in Bangalore. Located 5 minutes away from Manyata Tech Park in Kalyan Nagar, it is the first Microbrewery in North Bangalore. It has six in house craft beers which are widely regarded as some of the finest craft beers in India. Taste: a fresh and crisp taste Approx. cost: ₹285 for a pint of beer

The Black Mamba, Brewbot

BlackMamba is a full bodied oatmeal stout that has tastes of toffee, chocolate, coff Show More. ... Earned the Photogenic Brew (Level 25) badge! ... Drew S. is drinking a Black Mamba by Aviator Brewing Company at Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint Greenville.


Simba is high in quality and chemical free. Made in small batches at breweries in India, their beer is made by scouting the finest hops and malts in Germany. Simba should be your go-to drink if bitter beers are not your thing. Currently available in Goa, Bengaluru, and Delhi, Simba’s roar will soon be heard in Mumbai as well. Taste: Smooth, Crisp, and Refreshing Variants: Simba Wit, Simba Stout, Simba Light, Simba Strong Variants: Simba Wit, Simba Stout, Simba Light, Simba Strong

White Owl

Combining the new world and old-world brewing styles, each batch of White Owl Beer is brewed with love and care by beer lovers. Started as a microbrewery selling crafted beer in Mumbai, White Owl has now expanded to 5 litres keggers (Available in Mumbai) and 330ml bottles (Available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Goa. Their current bunch includes eight beer styles: Halcyon – flavours of clove and banana, a fairly popular style adopted from Germany. Shadow – strong roast English Porter drink with mild chocolate flavour. Diablo – Red Ale with a hint of caramel, straight from Ireland. Ace – Everyone’s favourite, a French Apple Cider with the refreshing sweet flavour of apple. Torpedo – an American Pale Ale having a strong citrus flavour. It will surely give your tastebuds the required punch. Paulina – a German Kolsch with fruity flavours (a mix of apple and pear). Spark – A citrusy Belgian Wit

Raging Bull, Arbor Brewing Company

The famous Indian Pale Ale, Raging Bull is yet another drink not made for the faint-hearted ones. Though strong and bitter, the beer packs a floral aroma and punches of flavour. It tastes like heaven when gulped down with spicy Asian food. Category: Pale Ale Taste: strong and bitter, punches of flavour, floral aroma Food pair:spicy Asian food.

Hopper Beer

Hopper is more than a beer. It is a culture, a story about our passion and obsession to deliver the smoothest and most refreshing beer experience ever.” The super smooth Hopper Witbier is delicious and smooth, and imparts a citrusy aroma